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Cycle Routes

I live just off the A4244 Bangor to Llanberis road, in the vicinity of Beran filling station.

Starting off, I have a choice between a two mile sprint down the main road and a scenic loop through Penisarwaun, climbing up for a wonderful high level view across farmland to the mountains and a drop down to meet the main road by the lay-by and telephone box. Here I take the short cut along the section of the old main road which avoids the Ty Mawr roundabout. Occasionally I see a buzzard perched on a post scanning for prey.


I turn right along the A4244 for a few yards, then left past Pentir church along the unclassified road that will take me right into the centre of Bangor. It’s bendy and narrow in places, the type of road that’s uncomfortable to drive along but a cyclist’s dream. Birdsong is the dominant sound along here, and I enjoy seeing the changing wild flowers as the seasons progress. Cattle and horses crane their heads over hedges and gates.


On through Caerhun and over the A55, traffic is sparse along here and the few motorists are not expecting to hurry along. I pull in to allow them to overtake if they’re stuck behind me, mutual courtesy is normal along here. Sometimes I’ll encounter the bin lorry or a bus meandering along.


After Minffordd I turn right at the junction then left and on to Lon Pobty, dropping steeply down to the High Street and round the corner to the office. My outward route is predominantly downhill and I don’t over-dress so I’m in no need of a shower. I have to work harder going home.

Another Variation

Sometimes I’ll skip the turn at Pentir and carry on along the main road until I reach the Lon Las Ogwen cycle track, which ends at Port Penrhyn.

Early in the morning it’s deserted apart from one or two dog walkers. At Port Penrhyn I’ll have a quick glance to see if a heron is trying its luck by the weir, then up to Beach Road and into town.


My bike ride is way more interesting than the drive along the main road and there are no traffic jams or roadworks. Wind and drizzle don’t bother me but sometimes the weather makes it interesting in a bad way - like heavy rain, ice or snow so it’s important to have a back up plan.

I have the option of driving in or a short walk to the bus stop. If I ride to work but the weather is too horrible to contemplate cycling home, then I’ll lock the bike in the office overnight and resort to the bus.


If there are no significant delays, it takes me around 15 minutes each way to drive, cycling takes twice as long, a little more on the way home. I consider it to be half an hour gained rather than lost, as I’m getting an hour’s enjoyment, fresh air and exercise for an additional cost of thirty minutes.

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